Q&A With Linda From Furtho Manor Farm

We talk to Linda from Furtho Manor Farm, a wedding barn venue near Milton Keynes, about growing up at the farm before turning it into a wedding venue with her husband, and how the wedding barn is a blank canvas for any couple to make their own.

Tell us some of the history of the property and how you came to have it?

Furtho Manor Farm is owned by the Edmund Arnold Trust.  Edmund Arnold left the farm in trust when he died in 1689 for the poor and the scholars of 5 local parishes.
I grew up here at Furtho Manor Farm as my parents took over the tenancy of the farm back in 1969 from then until 2012 a dairy herd was run on the farm.
Robin & I come to live and work on the farm in 1999, we started to host weddings in 2011.

What’s it like to live and work in a wedding venue?

We love being involved in couples’ weddings and particularly love seeing couples put their own unique style on the barn here.

Do you find it hard to not be overly protective or can you just ‘shut the door’ to it all?

It can be hard at times, but people just want to have a good time and we love meeting lots of people and sharing our farm with them.

What would you say is your USP for your wedding venue?

The barn at Furtho is a blank canvas for couples to create their own unique wedding, and if they are getting married on a Saturday they can set up from Thursday, giving them plenty of time to add their personal touch.

Do you have a favourite season at Furtho Manor Farm ?

That is a hard one. Having chosen ourselves to get married in the winter I am still very fond of winter weddings. Although on a summer day a wedding with the large sliding doors wide open, blue sky and sunshine is hard to beat.

What’s your favourite part of the wedding day?

I think the anticipation and excitement before the wedding ceremony.  The barn is looking at it’s best all set up and ready for the day ahead.  At this point we are involved in getting everyone to the right place at the right time without the bride and groom meeting!

What options are available to those choosing to get married?

There are three locations at Furtho where couples can get married – down by the lake under the gazebo for an outside wedding, in the barn, or the ceremony room. In addition, couples can get married at St Bartholomew’s Church, which is just a stroll from the barn, and is available for a limited number of blessings each year.

How much should couples budget for their venue?

We charge from £300 for a small intimate ceremony only wedding to £4,250 for a Saturday in peak months of summer.

Can couples get married here all year round?

Yes. Cool in the summer with the large sliding doors wide open. Warm in the winter with a insulated roof and large heaters

What are your top three tips for brides and grooms?

Stay calm.  Stay relaxed.  Everyone is here for you.

When not hosting weddings, what do you do to relax?

We rather enjoy sport in our household so when not busy with work our time is spent trying to stay fit, playing hockey, riding horses or watching our children play sport.

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