Why you should go to wedding fairs

Wedding dresses and wedding decorations shown at a wedding fair
What are the benefits of going to wedding fairs?

You’ve just got engaged, and the first question you’re asking yourself is “where do I start?” – answer is wedding fairs!  On any one weekend during the wedding fair season (usually September to November) you’ll be within 10 miles of a number of wedding fairs. They range from the huge national events attended by thousands, to small and intimate afternoons at local venues. No matter what their size, the purpose is to inspire you and make planning your wedding easier. We list most of the local wedding fairs on our website.

Here are 8 reasons to attend a wedding fair:

They are fun
Your first fair is truly an amazing experience, and an opportunity to take your mum and girlfriends along to indulge in a day of wedding planning. They willl be lots of freebies to make your experience special, like Champagne on arrival, goody bags, bridal magazines and samples. Wedding fairs with catwalks or bridal shows are a real highlight, giving you the opportunity to see dresses on a model rather than just a hanger.
Find your key suppliers
Your suppliers will be part of your planning (i.e. your life!) for up to 2 years so it’s important you like them!  There is no other place to meet so many suppliers in person, and many couples will book a supplier not just because their work looks amazing, but because they make a fantastic impression – pleasant, reliable, easy to talk to, confident.
Be inspired…
Even though you’ve probably already created your Pinterest wedding, nothing compares to seeing everything for yourselves. Wedding fairs are full of inspiration and often have the unusual and quirky suppliers attending that you may not have come across while wading through the huge amount of information on Google. Being able to touch and feel things, or talk to different suppliers who can show you what they do may even give you a different view on things you’ve dismissed. Seeing bridal gowns on models during a catwalk can show you what a dress looks like on and you may consider dresses you had previously overlooked.
…And be uninspired
For the same reason wedding fairs are a great place to inspire you, something you may have thought ‘wow’ in a magazine or online may not be the same when you see it in person. Scrub it from the list and move onto the next idea!
Latest trends
Suppliers will want to show you what they can do from the traditional to the on-trend. You will soon notice what stands out across the suppliers. 
Look out for the discounts & offers
Not all suppliers need to meet up with you to put a bespoke package together, and many will offer an ‘book now’ price if you’re happy to commit there and then. Even if you do need a meeting to discuss options, you’ll find reduced prices or something extra if you book an appointment at the show. If you don’t want to make any decisions at the fair, make a note of the deal being offered and speak to the supplier at a later date (just make sure you give the supplier your details so they know you were at the show).
Food fest
A great part of wedding fairs is the food and drink samples! It’s fun but also an important part of making informed decisions when choosing your cake maker or caterer. You want to eat your cake at the wedding so you want to ensure it looks amazing and tastes heavenly.
Have conversations
Chat with suppliers and ask them a heap of questions; it can be much easier than sending emails and waiting for replies, which invariably raises more questions!  They will be able to tell you about their experiences and give you guidance or suggestions to help in your wedding planning. 

Top Tips for Wedding Fairs
Wear comfy shoes
Put a pair of heels in your bag if you’re trying on dresses
Stay hydrated with a bottle of water
Use a camera – photos will help you remember suppliers
Bring a pen and paper to make notes