Q&A With Jules From Art Of Weddings

We talk to Jules from Art Of Weddings about keeping her wedding fairs in Cornwall fresh and interesting, why couples should attend wedding fairs, and what she finds rewarding about being in the wedding industry.

How long have you been in the wedding industry and where did you start?

I have been working within the wedding industry since 2006.By accident when I had helped a work colleague out with flowers for her wedding and then finding myself unemployed at 46 years old! I needed to find a new source of income quickly and knew that I wanted to revisit my previous career as a florist and so I reserved a space at a local wedding fair. The rest is history!

What makes your wedding fairs different from others?

I honestly didn’t think they were different but as time has gone by I am constantly being told by suppliers and couples who visit that they most definitely are. During the past four years I have endeavoured to continue to maintain a high standard of customer service along with a desire to keep our shows fresh and interesting for both exhibitors and visitors.

What advice would you give couples when starting their wedding planning journey?

To breathe and take into account that any planning and most importantly any major decisions need to be addressed together. The planning of this important event can be challenging so share some of the responsibilities to lighten the load and to ensure that your day is the best it can be for both of you.

Why do you feel it is important for couples to attend wedding fairs?

There are numerous services available to couples these days that are not easily found on social media sites or other platforms. Wedding fairs enable couples to meet prospective suppliers face to face and to be introduced to the personalities who could play a pivotal role in their special day.

How should couples prepare for coming along to one of your wedding shows?

Always come with an open mind! We hear so often when couples leave the show that they are so glad they came because they saw so much that they had not even thought about. A handy tip to have some business cards printed so that you can give these to the suppliers who have interested you to save constantly writing your contact details! Comfortable footwear would be ideal as it is known that couples spend on average between one and a half and 3 hours at our events.

Are there any wedding trends that you can see emerging? And any that you feel should now be left behind?

Without doubt I think that popular colour schemes seem to be the ever emerging trends along with more relaxed wedding celebrations.  Couples are far more in tune with their inner creativity these days and always on the search for ways in which they can make their special day truly bespoke to them. Haha, hindsight is a wonderful thing! How many of us look back on occasions and say to ourselves “what was I thinking?”. Embrace who you are and create the day that you want but remember not to include something on a whim that you may regret in years to come. 

What do you find most rewarding about working in the wedding industry?

So much. I enjoy hearing about and watching local businesses grow and expand through attending our events and to know that couples are excited when they find their perfect suppliers through our shows, is reward indeed.

When not working at weddings, what do you do to relax?

I enjoy more time with our two recue ponies Dolly and Ariel and also 3 cats, Thomas, Jack and Sissi. Believe it or not mucking out stables, filling hay nets and poo picking the field are really rather therapeutic!  

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