How much should your wedding flowers cost?

Bride holding wedding flowers at Burncoose House

With Cat Allen from Tide Flowers

So you’re pulling together your wedding budget, but how do you know what is a realistic allocation for flowers? 10% of the overall budget is a figure widely used as a general rule of thumb, but it ultimately depends on how much you want flowers to feature on your big day and there are a large number of variable factors that will affect the final cost.

I recently had an open conversation with one of my lovely brides about why wedding flowers cost what they do and how being honest about the budget from the outset saved both of us any misunderstanding or potential for disappointment later down the line. It’s all about managing expectations – and it’s a two-way street.

My biggest piece of advice is don’t try to guess the price based on how much a gift bouquet costs if you buy one from a florist shop or what a hobbyist who does ‘a bit of flower arranging’ says it might cost. Why do wedding flowers cost more? From consultation right through to clearing the venue afterwards, you are asking an expert to spend time designing, planning, preparing for and creating your dream florals. It’s a full service that you are paying for that takes many hours of hard work behind the scenes, not just the cost of the flowers themselves. I’m lucky enough to absolutely LOVE my job, but, like you, I can’t work for free.

Season, size and style

Other factors to bear in mind will be the season, size and style. For example, red roses around Valentine’s Day are always going to be more costly due to popularity. Elaborate designs are more labour intensive. Adding premium, statement blooms such as garden roses, peonies, orchids or tropicals will increase the cost. A good florist will be able to recommend and select the most beautiful flowers to suit your budget and colour palette.

Most of us will ask you to book a consultation either face to face or over the phone before providing a detailed quote. It’s very difficult to give an accurate cost for bespoke services without taking a full brief first. If you’re not quite at that stage, don’t be afraid to ask for pricing information and minimum spends to help you in the meantime. Many florists now have this information on their websites or available on request. They’re a great place to start, but any pricing information at this stage is generally ‘starting from’, or ballpark ranges. Remember all those variable factors I mentioned?

Before meeting with your shortlist of florists, do some research and gather your ideas. Create a list of your must-have items, such as bridal bouquet, buttonholes, ceremony arrangements and table centres. Anything you feel is essential for the look and feel of your day. Then have a think about your wish-list – what are those special statement pieces? A beautiful flower-filled archway? Or maybe a hanging arrangement over the top table?

By this point, you will have booked your venue and should have a rough idea of what you are comfortable spending on flowers. Tell us! It saves a lot of time and will allow us to maximise the impact of your spend right from the outset. We are here to guide you through all the possibilities and come up with creative designs that work hard for your budget and overall look. Be aware, there’s only so much magic we can work and if you have your heart set on a big installation but the cost is prohibitive then you may need to compromise on other areas. Personally, I’d ask do you really need those aisle flowers and pedestal arrangements if you have a totally banging ceremony arch that will grab everyone’s attention? Be flexible, trust your florist and enjoy the creative process. Remember it’s a two-way street, so help us to help you bring your dream day to life.