Interview With A Bridal Designer – Claire L. Headdon

Local Falmouth based ethical wedding dress designer, Claire L. Headdon, talks about a focus on sustainable wedding dresses and her bridal wear collection using only organic and fair trade silks.

Tell us a bit about your background

I’m a proper Cornish maid, from Truro originally. I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life and moved to Falmouth about 10 years ago. I just fell in love with its creativity and individuality. Many of my friends here are pursuing their own creative ventures, which is so exciting to see.

Did you study or where did you learn to sew?

All I have ever known is sewing, that was all I was fascinated by when I was growing up, taking clothes apart to see how they were made and then stitching them back together. My nan started teaching me when I was 7 and I am incredibly grateful to her for starting that passion for me, it’s the reason why I’m doing what I am!

What are your influences?

My home, my family and people who inspire me. I’m very much someone who finds people fascinating, we’re all so different, we have different drives and passions in life, which is what makes life so interesting. Especially when it comes to creativity, I think it should be a mixture of self-reflection, self-development and inspiration from other minds.

Do you have any favourite designers? 

Oh that’s quite a hard question, as it changes a lot. I tend to have a love for individual designs rather than specific designers. Having said that, I do have a love for anything Haute Couture, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy. It’s such a beautiful and fascinating art form. The inside of their garments are just as beautiful as the outside!

Tell us more about sourcing your fabrics?

I think I have a responsibility as a wedding dress designer to promote a healthy textile industry, so I decided I was going to design a bridal collection using only ethical, organic and fair trade silks. 
Each item of clothing we choose to buy impacts our planet and ourselves, including a wedding dress, so choosing to design more thoughtfully and with longevity in mind is really important. A lot of my designs are made with the ability to reuse, like wearing a lace top with a nice pair of jeans or dyeing the silks to fit in with your existing wardrobe.  

What can we see in future designs from Claire L Headdon?

I tend to be the type of designer who focuses on classic, long lasting designs, particularly from an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding dress standpoint. I like my dresses to be easy and comfortable, with a lot of the focus being on the silk fabrics themselves. I think it’s extremely important to work with the bride herself to see exactly what works for her, what she feels comfortable and beautiful in, as each person is completely different. That’s what makes it so rewarding!

And when you’re not making dresses, what are you up to?

In my spare time you can usually find me cozied up with a book somewhere or listening to a podcast. My second love in life is history, I have whole bookshelves dedicated to the Tudors, the World Wars, Queen Victoria and Archaeology. I love to learn! 

We were delighted to work with Claire on our photo shoot in Falmouth – Falmouth, A Town Shaped By The Sea

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