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I am CJ and I run Mind Fitness Revolution which is fitness, nutrition and mind-set combined. I am a Personal Trainer, Nutrition expert and a Health and Wellness coach. In order to achieve your wedding fitness goals we work on your nutrition and your mind-set to ensure you get the transformation you want and deserve.

Some of my qualifications include; Level 3 Personal trainer, Level 4 Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance, Strength and Conditioning CPD, Level 4 Obesity and Weight Management, Professional Life Coach, Kettlebell CPD.

I specialise in wedding weight loss, toning, nutritional guidance, meditation, body confidence, running, strength and conditioning and mind-set work.

Some of my client wins over the last few months are:

  • Losing a stone and a half in a few months
  • Beating a Personal Best running time after a meditation session the day before
  • Going from being all covered up to being able to wear a sleeveless short dress
  • Transforming someone who was rock bottom about to ruin their life to helping with a drinking addiction, losing 2-2.5 pounds a week and saving their marriage.

Who am I looking for:

I help those who are getting married take control of their health and lose weight using my 90 day fat loss method. My method means you don’t need to be slaving away for hours and hours a week in a gym giving up your precious time. Learn how to eat healthy and have treats without the need to diet and walk away from your special day feeling confident after your transformation. Book in for your free consultation now – 07809580790.

Training hours are flexible covering mornings, during the day, evenings and weekends.

Come join my facebook group for regular updates, announcements, nutrition tips, free fitness classes and to join my next free 5 Day Bootcamp.

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  • Since Starting personal training with CJ I have found a new love for exercise. After feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and run down due to being busy at work and social life I was introduced to CJ through a friend. I knew something needed to change so I could lose weight and feel confident getting married. I had a trial session and consultation with CJ and instantly felt comfortable. Since then I have seen her 2 times a week. The difference in my body and overall health has improved and I have lost over a stone in a few months. CJ is supportive and encouraging and doesn’t let you down. She is helping me achieve my goals and in doing that she has become my friend. I fully recommend her and the training programme I am currently doing, she is worth every penny.
  • I have been most impressed with the group circuit sessions that CJ has coached with my group of endurance athletes, as they have all had so much fun whilst they have worked hard. Most runners find Strength and Conditioning work of not much interest as they normally just want to run. When CJ explained the importance of working on other aspects other than running in order to improve overall performance everyone seemed really interested and the attitude changed. CJ has since come and set up circuits and has done medicine ball training with the athletes which they thoroughly enjoyed all the various different exercises. The athletes enjoyed the demonstrations and encouragement she gave in each session. These sessions have made a massive difference to their strength and stamina which in turn has improved their running. We will be looking to book more sessions with her to ensure they keep progressing. UKA Athletics & Endurance Running Coach- Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club
  • CJ is like a ball of energy that uplifts your bad moods and pushes you to train beyond your targets. She makes you feel so good and positive about everything not just fitness. Before I first started training with her I felt sluggish, doubtful and just generally at the bottom. After our first session I felt amazing, refreshed and generally like I was ready to carry on with my day. During the sessions if you feel you can’t complete any more she gives you confidence and encouragement to believe you can. These are the positive vibes you need during pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. I would recommend CJ to anyone who is feeling rubbish, low and not liking their own self-image. Not only is she a fantastic Personal Trainer, she is also a good coach to help you believe in yourself and she is always there to listen and help you through any personal doubts.


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