How to plan a zero waste wedding

Planning a zero waste wedding with water refill stations

How to plan a zero waste wedding

Are you hoping to create a zero waste wedding (or let’s face it, low waste)? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a few tips to get you going. I would say the core thing to remember is to plan ahead and to delegate well. Take time to walk through your wedding day in your head, picture your venue and consider where you will need to ask someone to step in or add something to your ‘to bring’ list.


Beg, borrow and hire as much as you can. Buying things new can seem appealing and can sometimes amount to the same as hiring. But, if every couple kept doing that we would acquire endless clutter and waste! Check Gumtree, hiring websites (like Enamelware Events) and ask around on social media – you might well have friends or neighbours with unused crafty bits, table decor, fairy lights and all-sorts that they’d be glad for you to use.


Check out the recycling setup at your venue in advance. It may be basic, e.g. if you’re at a farm, so create your own! Even just sticking on bits of paper to different buckets (bringing them with you if need be) to say ‘recycling’ and ‘compost’, and so on, will help your guests sort it out for themselves as they go. Set this up as soon as you arrive at your venue. If there are no facilities to recycle or compost on site, find a friend to take the waste home with them.


Set up a water station to keep your guests hydrated, avoiding water bottles. Supply cups – we’re a bit biased, but we’d recommend enamel ones – and if you really can’t face extra washing up, choose biodegradable cups. If you’re sending out digital reminders for your wedding the week before, you could even encourage your guests to bring a cup or bottle to use for water refills.


If you can, why not send out the save the dates online to save on extra paper and resources. Paperless Post did it for us. This method allows you to keep your guests updated while you prepare the invitations (which could also be paperless, but we know how lovely an opportunity it is to create your own ‘real’ invites!)


Choose your suppliers carefully. The Natural Wedding Company has a carefully curated directory of suppliers in the UK with eco credentials from caterers to photographers to stylists. And don’t be afraid to ask your supplier to do something they don’t normally do. If you’re having a mobile bar, check what the drinks will be served in and if they’re recyclable and/or biodegradable. Find out if they will take the waste back with them to be sorted or reused.


This is key to keeping costs down, to limit waste and make the best use of your resources. Flowers can get costly if you need to dress different spaces as well as provide buttonholes, bouquets and extra bits. Why not use the bridesmaid bouquets for some of your table decorations – get vases/jars with water in ready for them. Do the same for your bridal bouquet; find a prime spot where it will be seen and enjoyed! If you choose some special vases, you could gift the vases to your bridesmaids for them to take home with them. If you’re having a flower arch for your ceremony, see if you can bring it inside for your party later on as a backdrop.


Ivy is generally in abundance and can be gathered up to 2 days in advance before it starts wilting. Make use of what’s around you for free. Spray pine cones and leaves gold and sprinkle them across your dinner tables. Rosemary and lavender can also be foraged and are great to use in buttonholes and table settings for a touch of nature and a lovely scent.

Disposables might seem easier, but hiring really isn’t more of a hassle. For example, Fabric napkins feel much more luxurious and can add the finishing touch to your table setup. As with our fabric napkins, at Enamelware Events we allow you to return our dinnerware and cutlery unwashed, so it really isn’t extra work for you. Some venues will ask that you take all waste home with you, so save someone for that task!

Let me explain. We bought lots and lots of pillar candles for our wedding. Sadly they all came wrapped in plastic, and now we have boxes full of candles with only a bit used on each. I’ve been wondering about adding these candles to our hire list, and as they get burned down I will lower the hire price each time. What do you think – would you use second-hand candles?

Make your own confetti from dried petals. Use it as an excuse to get outside and go hunting for petals with your friends while you natter! You want to get freshly fallen petals. The two methods myself and my friends used were the microwave method, oven-drying and, my favourite, just leaving them by the window to dry in the sun slowly.

Contributor – Hannah Morris from Enamelware Events