Q&A With Amanda From Half Pint Print

Half Pint Print, Northamptonshire based wedding stationer providing bespoke wedding invitation design

We talk to Amanda from Half Pint Print about how she goes about a wedding invitation design, her passion for flowers and how that influences her wedding stationery designs, and making sure both the bride and the groom’s requests are incorporated in their personalised wedding invitations.

How did you get into wedding stationery?

My wedding stationery business started around a year after I graduated from university (2015). My childhood dream was to illustrate children’s books, but unfortunately this is a saturated and tough market to get into! Determined to make a career out of my narrative illustration skills, I explored the greetings cards market. I believed that the charming illustrations and characters I loved designing for a children’s book would be perfect for greetings cards! I hope you agree – I love my ever-expanding range.

I began exploring the wedding market when I noticed a gap in the market for something truly personalised and unique. My quirky style, natural creative flair and ability to come up with unusual designs really flourish in this industry. I started creating a portfolio and it wasn’t long before some friends commissioned me to create wedding invitation designs for their weddings. They were all over the moon with their unique wedding stationery and recommended me to their friends and family… and so my business grew!

Although wedding stationery is a different path from what I imagined as a illustration student, I love it!  I get really excited when couples come to me with their unique ideas and criteria – I enjoy making their vision a reality. It really is a rewarding career – I can help make the biggest day of their lives special.

Tell us a little bit about your business and services?

My business name, ‘Half Pint Print’, is based on my nickname. My parents have always called me ‘half pint’, partly because I was so much shorter than my older sister! Even now, aged 26, I am still stuck with it! I currently love living and working in my parents’ house. Both of my sisters have moved out of our family home, so now I not only have my own bedroom (yes!!), I have also converted my eldest sister’s former bedroom into my very own studio! I know, right, how convenient!

I produce a range of illustrated stationery products and art work. I have a broad wedding range – I produce beautiful bespoke floral wedding invitations and create matching stationery suites perfect for the big day. From botanical ”save the dates”, to woodland ”place cards”- I do it all! Everything I create can be personalised to the happy couple’s specifications. From matching the colour scheme to including that much-loved tractor on the invitations, my stationery is special. It’s the little details that really make your wedding day fantastic!

I also have a wide range of illustrated quirky greetings cards that can be personalised for any occasion. I even write messages inside and put them in the post – so the buyer can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that a message of love is in the post!  I love children’s books and this really shines through in the characters that feature on all my illustrations. It really helps to bring a smile to the recipient of the card. 
My range also features personalised illustrated gifts and prints. This includes commemorative wedding gifts and art work for the home. Recently, I created a stunning series of bird paintings which now create a statement wall in the happy customer’s lounge.

How would you describe your style?

It’s very ‘illustrative’ and almost has a narrative feel to the designs. I even managed to sneak my ‘trademark’ bumble bees onto one of my design ranges. I specialised in children’s book illustration whilst at university – I think it you can tell! I have quite a collection of children’s books here at home, which inspire my style. The book shelf is actually bowing slightly under the weight of them!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I LOVE FLOWERS! Especially wildflowers. As well as florals, my illustration degree work really influences my products. I love bold colours and I try to use them as much as possible in my wedding stationery to make them unique compared to what is already on the market.

Do you have a favourite wedding stationery style or material at the moment?

It’s all about the paper! I might just have a teeny tiny obsession with paper. The visual texture, the colour and the way it feels as you slide it out of the matching envelope. My ‘go-to’ choice of luxurious textured fresco gesso paper really brings my designs to life. 

How do you help couples come up with ideas for their wedding?

I get couples to tell me all about them. I let them fill my imagination with their personality. I then bring this to life in their custom wedding invitation designs. 

One of the first designs I created was a french country lavender theme, as requested by the bride. Her groom said she could choose whatever she wanted for the design. With one condition…his pride possession Land Rover had to be included somewhere. So I created a teeny tiny purple silhouette of a Land Rover and located it on the back on the invitation, by the RSVP details. They were over the moon that I managed to include both contrasting elements of what they wanted yet still kept it classy and elegant!

How far in advance would you advise a bride to start sourcing their wedding invitations?

It really does depend on the couple, their guests and the size of their wedding. Brides and grooms need to think about who is coming to the wedding. Are their guests travelling from abroad? Or are they having a destination wedding? In these cases a year would be ideal, so that their guests have plenty of time to book plane tickets. 

If they are planning a small wedding then they may not need to give their guests as much notice of the event, especially as much less time is needed to follow up all RSVPs.

As a general rule, sending invitations out 6 months prior to your wedding would be perfect!

How much should couples budget for their stationery?

Ooo that is a tricky one. I definitely think couples should really consider their budget very carefully for stationery. It is equally important as the photographer and ‘THE’ dress! 

It is the first glimpse your guests get of your very special day, it gets pinned pride of place on their memo board as they eagerly await to attend your wedding day. First impressions absolutely count! You definitely want your guests to pick up their post in the morning and squeal “Ooooo” at the first sight of your save the dates! It really needs to be something special. From the bespoke wedding invitation design, to the order of service, to the individually personalised place settings, guests carefully keep these special mementos from the wedding day. They will get them out their keepsake boxes in years to come and smile fondly at the memories of the special day!

Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

Ooo. I’m not sure I really go with ‘trends’. Weddings are about the individuality of the couple. Their interests and their style. Whether it is reflected from the many places they have visited aboard or hobbies they share it really is about reflecting what they love, and not going with what the latest trend is! My bespoke service allows couples to have what they want, not what is currently fashionable!

When not working at weddings, what do you do to relax?

I’m a campanologist! When I am not drawing in my studio, I am practicing bell ringing at my local village church- a recent hobby I am really enthusiastic about! I have even rung the village bells for wedding services and once took part in a ‘quarter peal’ (ringing for 45 minutes!). 

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