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Top 7 Wedding Catering Alternatives Catering Ideas For An Unconventional Wedding Breakfast

Forget a traditional 3 course sit down meal for your wedding breakfast! Couples are now looking for less traditional, more fun and informal ideas for their first meal joined in matrimony! So, let’s think outside the traditional box of in-house wedding catering and look at alternative wedding catering ideas.

Street food

If space is a premium at your wedding venue, bring in the street food wedding caterers! Served directly from food vans, let your guests choose their food, with everything from fully loaded hot dogs to jerk chicken, or something more sophisticated like fresh seafood and Mediterranean classics. What better than to serve a Thai takeaway in the evening!

Spanish Paella

A Fiesta is the ultimate fun celebration, and the food is a culinary delight! Serve delicious tapas as a starter, followed by a mix of seafood and meat Spanish Paella as a main course, where guests can serve their own meal from giant Paella pans where delicious paella has been cooking throughout the day, and mouth-watering smells are conjuring up a fiesta vibe. 


Put out the blankets and gingham tablecloths, and fill picnic baskets with locally sourced Ploughman’s lunch of hams, English cheddars, fresh bread, pickles, crudites and fruit. For added fun, add bottles of cider to perfectly match this food heaven!

Pub Grub

Opt for an all round pub grub favourite like pie and mash! Specialist pie caterers offer a huge variety of fillings to suit any pie connoisseur, all served with flavoured mash, homemade mushy peas, and rich pie gravy to top it off.

Alternative wedding catering - fish and chips or pub grub for your wedding catering

Oyster Bar

Surely this is one to WOW your guests with! Served along with Champagne, the oyster bar is the perfect grazing table. Or you can even find specialist oyster shuckers who will ‘shuck’ open the oysters with your guests, giving them an unforgettable experience as well as fine dining.

Sharing Platters

Playing it a little safer with alternative wedding catering ideas, sharing platters are a great way to get your guests interacting over the Wedding Breakfast. Promote one of your guests to the ‘head of the table’ and task them with carving a juicy joint of meat, then serve with bowls of succulent vegetables and crispy potatoes making for a ‘Sunday lunch at home’ feel to your meal.

Surplus Food

Treat your guests to a sprawling feast using surplus food destined for the rubbish bin! Some alternative wedding caterers specialise in creating a feast out of this discarded food. Waste-food conscious caterers are intercepting produce from supermarkets, local shops, wholesalers that cannot legally be sold but are still fit for purpose. Plus it could also save you hundreds of pounds!

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