Q&A With Damian From Big Bopper Entertainment

We talk to Damian from Big Bopper Entertainment, the award winning DJ in Kettering, about getting started as a wedding DJ because someone was ill, how watching the first dance is the best part of being a wedding DJ in Northamptonshire, and not having enough hours in the day!

Tell us about yourself and how you started?

I have been dj-ing for over 20 year following on from a career spanning from gardening, Environmental enforcement, and 13 years as a Special Constable in Northants. I suppose my dj-ing career started due to illness (and not mine); I was a roadie for a local DJ and one night I set up the kit but the DJ didn’t turn up, so I jumped on the decks and the rest is history… 

What makes you different from other wedding DJs?

Difficult question! There must be more than one person out there with my approach but I believe in the personal approach. From start to finish, I want everyone to have a great time and to remember a great event.
I work with couples from the moment they book, keeping them in the loop all the way to the last dance. We utilise online accounts, so couples can help with the planning of the night leading up to their big day, full access to timelines, music selection software and contact details with their DJ.

What do you find most challenging about being a wedding DJ?

Finding more hours in the day!! Wedding days is more than just playing music in the evening. Some events need a morning set up, lighting adding to venues, games dropping off, fairy lights putting up and so on. It’s a buzz, but with a flexible team we always succeed.

And what do you find the most rewarding?

Seeing the dance floor full, smiling faces and satisfied customers.

What’s your favourite song? And your least favourite song?

Mr Brightside, Sex on Fire – gets the crowd bouncing every time! My least favourite has to be Baby Shark. But if its on the bride and grooms playlist, I’ll play it.  

What advice would you give to couples when deciding on their general wedding entertainment?

For DJ’s, our biggest source of bookings is from referrals from previous couples. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Check out testimonials and feedback, either on website or social media. We have a lot of couples asking to see us perform at events prior to booking, so if have a public event coming up, we gladly offer this option. One thing I love to do is to meet with couples, discuss their visions, listen to how they want their night to go. Go to wedding fairs, we take along lots of videos, picture and set ups. It’s a great way to meet other suppliers too.

What are some things couples should look for when looking for a wedding DJ?

Speak to people who have booked us before, meet the DJ, find out if they are the right DJ for you. Do they meet your needs and play the music you require and would suit you and your guests?

What’s the best moment you’ve had as a wedding DJ?

I can’t put my finger on one specific as there has been so many moments as a wedding DJ in Kettering. I turned my hobby into a career, I work with the most amazing people. The DJs in our team, the venues, the suppliers, and I get to meet 100’s of couples every year and be a part of their dream day. I still to this day stand back and watch every first dance. For me, all the planning comes down to this moment…

When not working at weddings, what do you do to relax?

Family time, cricket, supping real ales, socialising, networking and photography…in no specific order!

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